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We're located near the intersection of Bell Road and Highway 49 in North Auburn

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Neuro Optometry & Vision Therapy near you in Auburn, California.

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IN DEPTH VISION optometry in Auburn, CA specializes in vision therapy for eye teaming, tracking and focusing problems, reversal problems and other visual perceptual difficulties, visually related learning disabilities, amblyopia, strabismus, sports vision training and neuro-optometric rehabilitation (helping patients in recovery after stroke or acquired brain injury).

IN DEPTH VISION is a referral-based developmental optometry practice. New patients must have had a comprehensive eye health examination within the past twelve months. We request that you have those records sent to our office in addition to any special testing done by schools or outside sources so that the patients’ records may be reviewed prior to their developmental vision evaluation. The developmental vision evaluation consists of a binocular exam performed by Dr. Odineal and a two-hour visual perceptual evaluation (VPE) performed at In Depth Vision Optometry. Those patients seeking services for a Neuro-optometric evaluation should also have all referral information from previous professionals sent to our office for review before the visit.

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We welcome all patients from 6 months to 18 years for a vision screening designed to check the visual tasks necessary for school achievement and work.

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Acquired brain injury (ABI) is an insult to the brain. After an ABI, the doctor can help create a synergistic prescription that will enhance healing.

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Still individualized vision therapy, where the doctor or therapist provides feedback and assessment in each therapy session.

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Happy Patients & Vision Therapy Graduates

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Dr. O, Jackie, Elsa, Becky and Jane... you have no idea how much your expertise, encouragement and help is appreciated. I can remember crying at the first appointment feeling like I didn’t know how to help my son. Teachers said he was smart but there was some disconnect between his ability to read/see things and his brain. He was often caught staring out the window. Visually disengaged from the computer or whiteboard. He was extremely nervous to read out loud as a 4th grader. Vision therapy has changed EVERYTHING! He reads books just to read, I never thought I would say this. He now also feels that he can keep up with class. Time will close the gap between where he is now and where he will be. Without this program I would have never known that the problem was bigger than him just needing more practice in reading. He was seeing double at times, eyes working independently, reversing letters and unable to track when reading .... I feel like I have learned soo much in this process too. Dr. O has the amazing ability to locate the problem areas and is able to match the exercises to improve their skills. I watched a few times and she would step an assigned activity back with different prisms or lenses when he struggled too much. Adapting exercises to where he was. If I could offer advice to someone who was considering this program, I would say go get the binocular screening and just see. The staff is very honest and won’t waste your time or money. I am forever grateful for you all! May God continue to bless and keep you ladies!
1 year ago
- Brooke L.

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