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Adult patient with Saccadic Fixator

Neuro Rehabilitation

We treat all ages.  It is never too late to bring healing and recovery to the brain.



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Developing the visual system

We work with you in the office and provide the tools and education for you to also work at home

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Welcome to IN DEPTH VISION !

The IN DEPTH VISION optometry in Auburn, CA specializes in vision therapy for eye teaming, tracking and focusing problems, reversal problems and other visual perceptual difficulties, visually related learning disabilities, amblyopia, strabismus, sports vision training and neuro-optometric rehabilitation (helping patients in recovery after stroke or acquired brain injury).


IN DEPTH VISION is a referral-based developmental optometry practice. New patients must have had a comprehensive eye health examination within the past twelve months. We request that you have those records sent to our office in addition to any special testing done by schools or outside sources so that the patients' records may be reviewed prior to their developmental vision evaluation.  The developmental vision evaluation consists of a binocular exam performed by Dr. Odineal at Auburn Family Optometry and a two-hour visual perceptual evaluation (VPE) performed at In Depth Vision.  Those patients seeking services for a Neuro-optometric evaluation should also have all referral information from previous professionals sent to our office for review before the visit.


If you or your child has not had a comprehensive eye health evaluation within the past year, Dr. Odineal sees patients for these services at her primary care practice across the street at Auburn Family Optometry, Inc.  Please call us at  530-830-7007  for preferred scheduling for this developmental exam.  

"What is Vision?" video

What is Vision?


Dr. Odineal explains why "20/20" does not mean your vision is perfect, and she describes some aspects of perception that are not covered by a traditional eye examination. 


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Vision is the prerequisite for reading.   Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills.

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