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We're located near the intersection of Bell Road and Highway 49 in North Auburn


The Mission of In Depth Vision Optometry is to teach each patient to use all the visual processing they have available to dynamically and efficiently perceive and engage in the environment around them. We will use all the resources available to provide an atmosphere that enables learning and encourages growth — whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

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Corinne Odineal OD, FCOVD

Dr. Corinne Odineal

Dr. Corinne Odineal graduated from University of California at Berkeley, School of Optometry with honors and has been practicing since 1985. She has had experience as a research optometrist for Cooper Vision, a contact lens company, has worked for an ophthalmologist, and has been in two private practices.

Currently her professional interests lie in family vision care, contact lenses and developmental optometry. Developmental optometry is a specialized field of optometry that is interested in preventative care and vision therapy to cure a wide variety of visual problems (i.e., crossed or turned eyes, amblyopia, poor tracking and focusing, reversal problems and other vision-related learning disorders.) Dr. Odineal also cares for the needs of patients with acquired brain injury. Her neuro-optometric care involves specialized testing, the use of rehabilitative lenses and prisms and visual therapy programs to rehabilitate these patients' visual needs. Dr. Odineal keeps up to date with her continuing education, has a therapeutic license to treat eye disease and takes many courses on developmental and behavioral optometry.

In 1998, Dr. Odineal had LASIK done on her own eyes by Dr. Richard Meister with post-surgical follow-up by Dr. Jeffrey Allgeier. She has a very positive personal experience and testimony to share with her patients interested in laser vision correction.

Dr. Odineal is the proud mother of her son David and her daughter Dana and the happy wife of Bob, her engineer scientist husband. She is active in her church, her children's schools, educating teachers about vision and keeping physically fit by running and weight lifting. She also has a passion for reading.

She is a member of AOA (American Optometric Association), COA (California Optometric Association and the local association (SVOS). She is also a member of OEP (Optometric Extension Program) and a Fellow of COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development). She is certified in CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy), Glaucoma Treatment, Ocular Therapies and Neuro-optometric care.

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