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How to prevent computer vision syndrome during COVID-19

 Because of the whole problem with COVID-19 that’s happened in the last several months an unprecedented time in the history of our world. We are now utilizing so much more technology, which has been a blessing. We’ve been able to stay in contact with people that we normally can’t,...
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What to look out for when home schooling your child during COVID-19?

I want to talk to parents that may be frustrated today about being at home constantly with your kids and trying to not only do your own job but trying to get them through their schoolwork. You may be noticing things that you never saw before like they may have...
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Will Wearing Glasses Weaken My Eyes?

Eyeglasses correct deficiencies in our vision. While eyesight might weaken as we age, wearing glasses is not the cause.

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The 5 Most Common Vision Problems In Children

Most parents have heard of nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia), but there are many other visual problems that can affect a child’s success. Here are some common visual problems we think you should know about.

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Is Your Child or Young Adult a Struggling Student?

If your child struggles with reading, focusing, or performing other academic tasks, it may be time to consider vision therapy. Here’s why.

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Why Vision Therapy Provides Lasting Correction For Strabismus – Eye-Turn

Vision therapy is the ideal treatment for strabismus and offers long-term results because it targets the root of the issue — the brain.

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