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Here's what people are saying about In Depth Vision.

Mark's Story

Listen to Mark describe how Vision Therapy has changed his life as he recovered from brain surgery.



I have been through vision therapy three times with my own children (with two different doctors) and witnessed the amazing improvement in two other children.  Dr. Odineal is the best doctor in the Sacramento area, and coupled with Jane as a vision therapist, they are unbeatable!


Vision therapy requires exercises and doing things that are difficult, so push-back from the child is not uncommon and should not be unexpected.  Sometimes Dr. O is able to use a different exercise to accomplish the same results when some task is particularly difficult.  Jane is excellent when it comes to dealing with childish nonsense -- not harsh, but not too easy either.


In one of my children, the primary symptom was severe headaches, even though the usual vision exam had revealed nothing.  With vision therapy, the headaches finally disappeared.  With another child, who was my Godson, Dr. O said that he only needed a prism in his glasses because his eyes tended to turn in, so he fatigued quickly.  It was a relief to hear that despite his difficulty with reading, vision therapy was not needed.  I also have a child with a diagnosed learning disability who was treated with vision therapy.


Learning problems often occur with multiple issues at the same time which is overwhelming to parents.  Given the cost of vision therapy versus other therapies which are often ongoing, my preference is to use vision therapy first and then reassess what is needed.  Often kids who are having reading problems can be helped with a few months of exercises for their eyes.  The improvement is life-changing and it is cost-effective too!


I have recommended In Depth Vision to many families based on the change in my children and the two others that I was priviledged to follow.  The first step is just a normal eye exam done with Dr. Odineal.  If she sees something, she recommends a more in-depth assessment.  Sometimes, as with my Godson, nothing further is needed, except some glasses.  I like Dr. Odineal so much that I drive some distance to have my whole family see her.  She is an excellent doctor.


--  G. G.


(If you would like to personally speak to this patient and parent, call our office and we can have her get in touch with you)

I was told for for years that I had visual processing problems, but no one ever told me how to fix it.  Now (just in time for college) I can read quickly and I am rarely ever tired from reading.  I now (after therapy) can read everything and therapy has made me a better speller.  I feel like the playing field has been leveled.  I now have a chance to do well next year.  It also helped with other things such as my golf game (I can now see the ball much better).


I know so many of my friends without learning disabilities could greatly benefit from vision therapy.  In fact, although I have yet to be tested, I don't believe I need special education anymore.

I liked the way the program was established.  They give you only four exercises and a reasonable amount of time in which to do your exercises.  And, I always left the office in a better mood then when I came.  I am so thankful that I decided to pursue what Dr. Odineal had to offer.


--  S. C.



We both were very happy to learn there was something we could do to help T's trouble with reading.  Now it's not a huge fight to get him to read.  His first report card of the year was the best he's ever had!  We had a great experience with Dr. Odineal and her therapist.  I will be forever grateful for what the therapy has done for us!


--  T. G.

We had a wonderful experience.  "A." has shown remarkable improvement.  I would recommend eye therapy from your office to anyone who is having trouble with thier eyes or learning.
--  D. P.


A.D.  Vision therapy made a absolutely positive impact on my child.  At week 11 she began to read!  It was a little like throwing a switch, suddenly she was reading and the letter reversals were gone.  She felt more equipped to go to the 3rd grade, where she knew there would be reading homework.  Now with a challenge, she knows that she can work through anything if she practices.  She has heard me tell the story of her daily eye therapy many times.  She is a gentle soul and responds quietly, but with determination.   "A" attends Live Oak Waldort school so she did not have great academic challenges resulting from her vision problems.  After 6th grade she became very interested in soccer, running, biking and swimming.  Did she finally feel more comfortable with this after vision therapy?


N.D.  Prior to therapy he had difficulties with his classroom behavior.  He often was in trouble for disrupting the class and not paying attention.  Apparantly, a lot of this was caused by his inability to see well.  Before, he hated to read; after therapy, he really began to enjoy reading!  Now, he reads all the time.  He is in college now and finds that because of the therapy he recieved, he can read much faster.  He improved socially, athletically and behaviorally.  It turned his life around academically.  His grades improved and also his behavior in the classroom.  He began to play baseball because it was easier for him to track the ball--and he got very good at it.  I believe it changed his life for the better!  (this patient received therapy about 12 years ago from Dr Odineal)


M.O.   After completing therapy my son was able to focus better.  His double vision diminished with the therapy.  We tried glasses before the therapy and the glasses didn't seem to help.

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