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Life Changing

As a kid I had strabismus surgery to correct an inward turning left eye. It was a success cosmetically, but I never did any post surgical rehab for it. Since then, during the last 26 years, I've had trouble reading for any sustained amount of time. Studying through college got to be such a bear if there were large reading assignments. I saw an eye doctor who diagnosed and described the imbalance in muscles to me, and I ended up getting extra time on tests, and so forth. It wasn't until I was referred to Dr. Odineal's practice, however, that I learned there was actually a solution to the problem! I went through the rehab program for my condition at InDepth and did my homework they gave me each week. I no longer come home super fatigued from looking at a computer screen reading and focusing on things all day! My eyes used to be so tired at the end of the day (trying to constantly overcome those muscular imbalances) that I literally couldn't focus on the television to watch a show. I feel like I'm 20% more productive in a day now that my eyes are working properly! Definitely increased capacity to focus on things, and get things done. If you have trouble with reading comprehension, focusing on things, or eye fatigue, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Odineal to get it check out - it could be life changing!

- Alyson D. - Google Review