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We're located near the intersection of Bell Road and Highway 49 in North Auburn
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Forever Grateful

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Odineal, Liz and Jane at In Depth Vision. I spent one day a week with them for the better part of a year and they feel like family now. As a child I was diagnosed with stabismus and wore glasses or contacts to help correct my crossed eye my entire life. As an adult I started noticing the crossing more and I wasn’t able to control it anymore. Through the visits and exercises Dr. O gave me I am now feeling more confident because I can control my eyes so much better and I don’t notice the crossing in pictures or when talking to people. I would recommend going to In depth to anyone, they work with so many more eye problems than just strabismus. I drove all the way from Carmichael to Auburn once a week because I trusted them with my eyes and wanted the best possible treatment and outcome and I KNOW I couldn’t have gotten that anywhere else. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. O and Liz and Jane!!!

- Ashley G. - Google Review