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Dr. Odineal is the best doctor in the Sacramento area!

I have been through vision therapy three times with my own children (with two different doctors) and witnessed the amazing improvement in two other children. Dr. Odineal is the best doctor in the Sacramento area, and coupled with Jane as a vision therapist, they are unbeatable!

Vision therapy requires exercises and doing things that are difficult, so push-back from the child is not uncommon and should not be unexpected. Sometimes Dr. O is able to use a different exercise to accomplish the same results when some task is particularly difficult. Jane is excellent when it comes to dealing with childish nonsense — not harsh, but not too easy either.

In one of my children, the primary symptom was severe headaches, even though the usual vision exam had revealed nothing. With vision therapy, the headaches finally disappeared. With another child, who was my Godson, Dr. O said that he only needed a prism in his glasses because his eyes tended to turn in, so he fatigued quickly. It was a relief to hear that despite his difficulty with reading, vision therapy was not needed. I also have a child with a diagnosed learning disability who was treated with vision therapy.

Learning problems often occur with multiple issues at the same time which is overwhelming to parents. Given the cost of vision therapy versus other therapies which are often ongoing, my preference is to use vision therapy first and then reassess what is needed. Often kids who are having reading problems can be helped with a few months of exercises for their eyes. The improvement is life-changing and it is cost-effective too!

I have recommended In Depth Vision to many families based on the change in my children and the two others that I was priviledged to follow. The first step is just a normal eye exam done with Dr. Odineal. If she sees something, she recommends a more in-depth assessment. Sometimes, as with my Godson, nothing further is needed, except some glasses. I like Dr. Odineal so much that I drive some distance to have my whole family see her. She is an excellent doctor.

— G. G.

(If you would like to personally speak to this patient and parent, call our office and we can have her get in touch with you)

- G. G.