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Group Therapy


Most of our patients are very successful and motivated in a group session.  This is still individualized vision therapy, where the doctor or therapist provides feedback and assessment in each therapy session.  The therapy is one hour long, and the patient will go through several stations of activities that are sequentially more and more challenging during each visit.  The advantage of group therapy is that patients are motivated by seeing others doing therapy and succeeding.  There is also the benefit of seeing that you are not alone in your struggles and that all ages are involved in this process and can succeed!  At each appointment the patient is given instruments and instructions for home activities, and is required to bring the instruments and homework back to the doctor to check progress.



Individual Therapy


Some patients will require some or all of the therapy to be done in individual sessions.  These sessions are shorter (40 minutes), and the patient will work with the vision therapist or doctor.  Because these sessions are more costly, and are harder to schedule, we usually recommend that the patient go into the group sessions when they are able.  The patient still has home activities and equipment that they need to bring to each session, and will also go through the different stations in the office.

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Vision is the prerequisite for reading.   Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills.

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