Binocular Vision Testing



Binocular testing is in addition to your eye examination.  In this exam we not only test for the most accurate refraction, but we probe the visual system to understand the dynamic visual abilities that are so critical to learning, reading, understanding and good performance in sports and work.  Some of the areas of testing are:


  • Focusing accuracy, flexibility, speed and strength
  • Comparison of skills between the two eyes (both eyes need to be the same for optimal vision)
  • Depth perception
  • Convergence ability and recovery (the ability to move the eyes closer together for near vision)
  • Eye teaming posture at distance and near
  • Eye teaming flexibility, speed and strength
  • Any signs of suppression (when the brain turns one eye off when both eyes are open)
  • Any “retinal slip” or misalignment between the two eyes that can cause difficulty with fatigue and eyestrain.
  • Eye movement flexibility, accuracy and speed.  There are three important types of eye movements: pursuits (eyes follow a moving object), saccades (eyes quickly move from word to word), and fixation (the ability of the eyes to maintain one position in space).



These tests, along with your detailed history, will provide the doctor with recommendations for lens treatment or vision therapy.  It also serves as a baseline to track and compare visual functional gains made with vision therapy.

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Vision is the prerequisite for reading.   Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills.

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