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What To Expect On Your First Visit

If you or your child has not had a comprehensive vision examination in the last year, our eye care expert in Auburn, California recommends that you have this at our office. During this visit, you will have a full vision health evaluation, including a visual field test, intraocular pressure test, dilation and/or optomap retinal scan. Dr. Corinne Odineal will also assess the anterior health of your eyes, and determine whether you are a candidate for glasses or contact lenses. We recommend that you bring in all your current eye wear and contact lens prescriptions, as well as any contact lens solutions, or eye drops you may be currently using.

If you or your child has had an eye examination in the last year, we recommend that you have your doctor send Dr. Odineal a copy of the most recent eye examination, and we will schedule you for a Binocular Evaluation. This is a shorter examination that goes in depth in evaluating the focusing, eye teaming and tracking of your eyes.

Those patients interested in a Neuro-Optometric Consult, please be sure and use that term with the office scheduling department. This evaluation for patients that have had an Acquired Brain Injury (i.e. stroke, traumatic brain injury, CP, etc) is a much longer scheduled appointment and also requires the patient to have a threshold visual field done in the office.

During the refractive part of your eye exam, our Auburn eye doctor will perform various tests to determine the eye focusing, teaming and tracking abilities of your eyes. If the doctor determines that a prescription is necessary, she may want you to wear that prescription for a few weeks before further binocular testing. This is because some prescriptions can dramatically help the binocular system. The binocular examination is a short visit where the doctor will use lenses and prisms to determine vision function of the two eyes that can affect performance in school and work. Sometimes the developmental eye examination or the secondary binocular evaluation will demonstrate an immediate need for further testing in the form of a visual perceptual evaluation (VPE). This testing is an examination of visual processing which takes approximately one and one half to two hours. We recommend this testing to be done during morning hours for the best performance and attention. After this testing, all tests are scored (age normed) and a consultation report is provided as well as a 20 minute consultation with the doctor to discuss the results, prognosis and recommendations. The VPE is required prior to vision therapy programming and treatment.