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Visual Perceptual Evaluation

Once you or your child has been identified as a patient that may benefit from vision therapy, you will need to have further testing for visual processing. This “Visual Perceptual Evaluation” testing is approximately one and one half hour to two hours. Dr. Odineal uses the results of this testing to determine the diagnosis and prognosis of you and/or your child as well as the expected treatment length, and to individually plan the therapy.

Below are the various aspects of vision that may evaluated. Because vision is a learned skill, our vision therapy expert in Auburn, California can train and improve the accuracy and efficiency of visual perception through a program of vision therapy.
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What Is Tested In Visual Perceptual Evaluation?

  • Visual Spatial perception: the ability to have accurate gross motor movements, a firm understanding of left and right concepts, and a test for reversals of letters, numbers and words.
  • Visual Perception: visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual closure, figure-ground, visual discrimination, form constancy.
  • Auditory testing: Rosner test for breaking apart sounds and Auditory visual integration test.
  • Visual motor integration: test for fine motor skills and visual motor match test involving copying forms.
  • Visagraph testing: an infrared tracking device that monitors eye movements during a reading task.
  • Computerized assessment of depth perception, eye positioning, and range and flexibility of focusing and eye teaming.

When to be book a perceptual testing at In Depth Vision Optometry?

Dr. Corinne Odineal recommends perceptual testing to be done in the morning before the eyes and brain are tired from a full day of school or work. We also like to do this testing at a time that the child has good attention and has eaten a good, high protein meal. We try our best to fully engage the child and not to make them over-tired. If your child needs a break, or to have the testing finished on another day, we will recommend this to get the best results possible. We do not “rush” the child. They should have ample time to finish. We find that the child has enough variety of activities during the testing that they are able to finish in one testing appointment 90% of the time.

Book a perceptual evaluation at In Depth Vision Optometry in Auburn, California today!