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What is Vision Therapy?

Is it doing some motor eye movement exercise as well? That's part of it. Vision therapy is a sequence of activities that are provided by an experienced optometrist or therapist who has checked everything in the child's development or the adult, to put together a program to get their visual processing working well.

So, some of the activities we may do with vision therapy; we may use lenses to get your eyes to focus and relax quickly or to sustain that. We may use little activities where your eyes are moving a certain way and you're learning to do that quicker & faster.

Often times we will use metronomes; we use lots of devices to help your eyes team. We start with one at a time and then we start with both eyes on but maybe not looking at the same target, and then we start to team the eyes and actually work with prism amounts to get the teaming better.

We also may work with young children or adults where their gross motor is not very good because that precedes your fine motor and your visual processing as well. We also may work with likes and differences and your speed of understanding what you see for instance visual memory making sure that you can get a lot of information in a short period of time.

These kinds of things are usually not checked for in a doctor's office when your child goes in. They're only going to look at how big the target is. They're not going to look at any of the processing things that I just described to you.

Oftentimes that's not going to ever be done at a screening. In fact, screenings pick up very few problems except for maybe nearsightedness, and nearsightedness is what usually makes kids readers so they're actually the ones that are reading more and having fewer problems.