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Home » Video Blog » What to look out for when home schooling your child during COVID-19?

What to look out for when home schooling your child during COVID-19?

I want to talk to parents that may be frustrated today about being at home constantly with your kids and trying to not only do your own job but trying to get them through their schoolwork.

You may be noticing things that you never saw before like they may have no ability to concentrate, they may be rubbing their eyes, they may be getting headaches or eye strain, covering an eye, tilting their head when they read to you, they may be skipping words or lines.

These are things that you really want to pay attention to because it may not just be that they’re trying to drive you crazy, but they may actually have a visual processing problem.

Fortunately, that can be fixed pretty easily by having the right kind of vision therapy and care.

So, if you’re seeing a lot of these things, I would highly recommend that you have an evaluation by a doctor who has a fellowship in developmental optometry who will not simply evaluate your child to see if their visual clarity is good, seeing 20/20, but whether they may have problems with eye teaming, focusing eye movements, or eye-tracking. They may have trouble understanding what they’re seeing and processing and understanding where they are in space.

For, all of these things, we are here to help your child.